Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Not All 50 Shades Over Here

I've been working really hard on making this appropriate, especially since my 13 year old daughter likes to read my blog.  I've decided to give up.  Here is what happened...

Last weekend we were able to get away for a night for my hubby's birthday.  It was a gift from my parents.  They take the kids overnight and we get to sleep, I mean have sex, in a hotel.

If you have kids then you know what I am talking about.  It's super exciting to go to a hotel with your spouse because it means you don't have to worry about kids.  Kids at the door, kids calling out, "mom, what are you doing?" or "I'm hungry", or "can I go to" or even worse, starting your business and realizing that there is a child asleep on your floor, next to your bed. 

Dinner was fabulous.  Good food and great conversation, always nice to catch up with the person you married.  Back to the hotel, and oh boy, are we tired.  I mean it was 11:00 PM.  Way later then we usually stay up doing dishes, helping with homework, and putting kids to bed.  Yes, we fell asleep. Don't make fun.  It's happened to all of you.  Besides, we have all morning, we don't have to check out until noon.

Except we woke up at 7:30 AM to a MARCHING BAND.  They were playing for the walkers/runners who were participating in Race for the Cure.  A great cause and all, but did they really need a marching band to cheer these people on?  The band went through the usual playbook of songs and every few songs they would take a break and we would, wrongly, assume they were done and almost fall back asleep. 

I'm not sure who gave up on sleep first, but that led into, are we or not?  I mean, this is what the whole birthday weekend is about, no kids and the fancy hotel room. But the marching band outside our window is not helping set the mood at all.  So, we finally decide to have breakfast and try later.  Except, later doesn't happen.  We eat, walk around, try to avoid the race people and finally just pack it up and head home.

Back at home we pick up the kids, order a pizza, and watch a movie.  Then, we fall asleep on the couch surrounded by children.  Because marriage isn't all about some crazy 50 shades.  Sometimes it's just about the time together, even if it does involve children and/or a marching band.

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