Monday, September 23, 2013

Things I Don't Need to Know About in the Middle of the Night

I've been a mother for 14 years.  Which means, I haven't had an entire night's sleep for 14 years.

I'm super tired.  All the time.

Last night I had a child wake me up at 1:00 AM to tell me one of the brackets from his braces came off.
I'm not kidding.

This morning in my groggy stupor, while preparing breakfast and lunches, I started thinking, maybe I haven't been clear on what I don't want to know.  Things that could wait until morning.  Things not worth waking mommy up for.

So, I started to make a list.  This is how far I got:

1. Anything that has to do with your braces
2. The cat is throwing/threw up
3. You can't sleep
4. Somebody is snoring
5. There is a spider in the hallway
6. I don't feel good- cough, sore throat, headache
7. The music in _____ room is too loud
8. I think I hear someone in the house (While for many this would be a reason to wake mommy up, we have big dogs that will definitely let us know if someone is in the house.)
9. I had a bad dream

Then I realized that there are a lot of reasons to not wake me up.  Maybe I should focus on reasons to wake mommy, or preferably, daddy up in the middle of the night.

1.I don't feel good- I'm going to throw up
2. The house is on FIRE!

I'm pretty sure that covers it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

This One Time at Old Navy

All the mannequins were naked.
At least way too many of them were naked. And the ones who were dressed had their zippers undone and open. 

This isn't really a problem when you are in a store, like, say, Victoria's Secret. All of those mannequins are mostly naked anyway.  You don't go to Victoria's Secret to buy clothes.  You go to Victoria's Secret to buy things to wear under you clothes.

But Old Navy is a family store. The entire family, from infant to grandma, and they are pretty proud of that.  So, you would think they would keep their "people" dressed.  

This isn't the only example.  There were several mannequins which were undressed.  And by several I mean at least three and they were all female.  All of them. 

And isn't it strange that in the line up of mannequins the middle one is naked?  Front and center, not even wearing shoes.

I don't think I'm make too big of a deal about these mannequins.  Clearly, Old Navy is sending a message. 
I'm pretty sure that message is: you don't need to wear clothes, especially ours.