Monday, November 11, 2013

Well Played Mom, Well Played Indeed

I have a fourteen year old daughter.

She is smart, funny, beautiful, witty, kind, and talented. I love her more than I can even describe.
But, she IS fourteen.
Not a great age for girls.
Or their moms.

These teenage years bring lots of tears, anger, resentment, and  joy, quickly followed by more tears and "you just don't understand."

The past couple of weeks have been especially bad and it made me reminisce about my own teenage years.

They weren't pleasant.
They weren't pleasant for anyone, especially my mom.

There was lots of yelling and screaming matches.  Lots of rolling of eyes, slamming of doors, and sassy comebacks. There was also fighting with my dad, my brothers and my sister.  Telling my parents they were horrible and that I hated living at home.

When it was really bad my mom would just about break down and say, "I really hope you have a daughter just like you someday."  It's kind of a mom thing to say.

So, here I am. Riding the hormone rollercoaster and thinking, "Well played mom, well played indeed.

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