Sunday, September 28, 2014

Everything I Say Ends in "Oui?"

Three months into having five children and I've learned a few things.

You can NEVER have too much bacon in the house.
          "What do you want for breakfast?"
            "What would you like in your lunch?"
               "What do you want for a snack?"
                  "What should we make for dinner?"
The answer is ALWAYS bacon.

Roasting two chickens at one time is not enough food for even two nights.
Roasting tons of vegetables with two chickens is enough to last for weeks.

All children like Cola.

Glass elevators are really scary.
I mean, glass elevators are super fun.

Movie theaters are dark and loud. (Really should have thought this one through beforehand.)

Everyone loves music and everyone loves to dance.

Homework is homework and nobody wants to do it. EVER.

Shooting a gun is innate to every boy.

Everything I say ends in "Oui?" 
      Would you like some bacon, oui?
        It's time for school, oui?
          I really need you to sit down and start your homework, oui?

My black hair braiding skills are slowly becoming acceptable to my daughter. (It is a completely new skill set.)

All little girls need a daddy to dote on them.

All little boys need a daddy to lead them by example.

Every child wants to be loved.
       Love won't cure every child.
         Pain and heartache can seemingly last forever.

A mother's heart can be broken every single day. 
       And, then, mended every single night as you watch your children sleep.  

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