Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pinterest or Into the Mind of a Teenage Girl

Ahh, Pinterest, just what has been missing from my life.

Here's the great thing about Pinterest: it shows you how much better your life could be, what you could be making for breakfast, lunch and dinner, how to lose all that baby weight, the perfect pair of shoes, the perfect dress, how to have the perfect child, and also really funny quotes.

Seriously. Pinterest does all of that.

What I personally appreciate the most about Pinterest, besides all of the above, is that I know what my teenage daughter is thinking about.  And it's not all about boys!

This is no small feat.  Teenage girls are not exactly an open book, and this glimpse into her daily thoughts is delightful.

She has suddenly become interested in fashion, (she won't admit this) but it is really exciting for me.  I know that this is true because of Pinterest.  She loves pretty clothes!  And jewelry!  And shoes!

She is also a huge geek, which I also love.  She pins Star Wars and comic books stuff, only Marvel, not DC (she doesn't like DC).  She pins lyrics to songs she likes and I know what she is listening to.  She pins all kinds of cute animal photos, dance photos, and pointe shoes. She pins all kinds of things about girlfriends and nothing about boys except pictures of One Direction.  This makes me happy and relieved.

She also pins about her faith.This shows me that we have done a good job and she is proud of her relationship with her Heavenly Father.  And this makes me the happiest of all.

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