Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's Here Again- Mother's Day

After reviewing last year's post about Mother's Day I don't have much more to add.

It's still not about me. My siblings still asked what I wanted to do for our mom. My husband asked me what I wanted to do. My kids looked really surprised when I told them Sunday is Mother's Day.

Last year I said what I really want is a day without my children. A day of shopping, maybe a movie, dinner, and even a drink. It didn't happen. It's not going to happen this year either, so I made a list of things I do want.  Here it is.

I want to wake up on my own. No alarms, no dogs, and no children in my bed, in the dog bed, or on the floor.

I want to go to church. I want EVERYONE to be showered, dressed, fed and ready to leave the house for church, ON TIME.

I want to come home and take a nap. And while I'm taking a nap I don't want to hear fighting, Minecraft , Halo, or "can you help me with my homework?"

As for homework, I don't want to do ANY homework. Ask your dad. He is really smart. Seriously, he can help you.

When I get up from my nap, I want a Lego free floor. I want all the Nerf bullets; the orange, the blue, the glow-in-the-dark, and the round green ones, all of them picked up.

I want a clean house. I don't want to find wet towels on the floor, I don't want to smell cat litter, I don't want to find socks in every room. I want your shoes and backpacks and dance/basketball gear put away. Mostly, I don't want to do dishes, or cook, or laundry.

For one day, I don't want anyone yelling. I don't want anyone asking me what happened to their shirt/shoes/backpack/homework/X-Box game/ I-Pod/permission slip/dinner/phone.

I don't want to hear, "But it's not fair" or "I didn't do it" or "You are so mean".
I want a day with no sassing, no rolling of eyes or big sighs, and no backtalk.

I want one day, one day, where everyone pretends they like each other, everyone gets along, and everyone helps with the work to be done. A day where we can eat a real meal at the real table and not in front of the TV.

Is this too much? Can they pull together and keep each other in check for one day?
But what a gift it would be if they try.

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  1. Come on over if you need a drink. I promise I won't yell or ask you to do any chores.