Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Quick Recap of Haiti

For those of you wondering, here's what happened while we were in Haiti.

We arrived Monday about noon. It took us almost an hour to get through immigration and customs, but this is two hours less then the last time we were in Haiti.

 It was hot. And humid. It was really hot and humid.

We took the kids back to the resort and went swimming and just hung out. It was wonderful.
On Tuesday we took full custody of the kids. We spent time at the pool and the beach and hung out in the room watching movies.

And the air conditioner went out five different times. And the air conditioner in the bathroom didn't work. It was like showering and peeing in a sauna.

Then Tuesday evening Nate was not feeling well. He didn't eat much for dinner. He tossed and turned all night and started running a fever. Wednesday morning he refused breakfast and had a high fever. After some ibuprofen he was ready for the pool. He crashed as soon as we returned to our bungalow and the fever was back.

And when the air conditioner went out, it was because the power went out. When the power went out the TV didn't work. Then we had to go outside where it was super hot and humid.

He could barely walk to dinner that evening. He didn't eat but we were able to get liquids in him. He slept all night, tossing and whimpering in his sleep. I had to wake him once to get more meds in him in order to keep the fever down. We were leaving Thursday afternoon, so at this point we were just concerned he wouldn't be able to fly.

Also, it's really difficult to watch the World Cup when there is no power for the television.

Thursday morning he couldn't walk. Seriously, couldn't walk. When our ride arrived to take us to the airport he carried Nate to the car. At the airport, one of the swarming men in red caps, grabbed a wheelchair for us and he became our special "friend".

The pool was great. The ocean and beach were beautiful. Unfortunately for us, the pool and beach were outside where it was really hot and humid.

When we were finally able to board the plane, Nate was not doing well. We tucked him into his seat with a blanket and pillow and Dramamine so he could sleep (don't judge me) and we were off for New York City. Worst.Flight.Ever. Entirely different post.

New York City was hot. And humid. And we waited almost an hour for a taxi. An hour for a taxi in New York. Whatever.

The airport had a wheelchair waiting which, again, was a lifesaver for us. Nate had gotten sick on the plane and was just miserable. The immigration process was quick and smooth and we were off to our hotel for the night. The hotel put us in a suite (Thank you JFK Airport Hilton!) and they even had a wheelchair for Nate. One hundred dollars of room service later we were all full and tucked into bed for the evening. Nate and Celine both slept soundly all night for the first time.

It was raining back home in Portland. I was secretly really excited.

Our flight to Portland was very early, but we were ready to go home! Nate woke up fever free. He was still having trouble walking, but refused the wheelchair at the hotel and airport. Luckily, JFK has a security line just for families with kids, and it was short and quick. Then we were off for Portland, but not before each child had picked out a toy plane. Nate chose the New York Jets plane and Celine the New York Giants. I will not comment on their choices.

In Portland it was a lovely 70 degrees and a bit overcast. Perfection.

Really, that was the trip. We ate, we swam, we slept, Nate got sick, and we came home.


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