Tuesday, March 12, 2013


"What the fudge mom!" spoke my darling 11 year old as we were leaving the school one afternoon.
Fighting back the urge to backhand him, I turned around and said, "what did you just say?"

"I said what the fudge.  Fudge, mom, Fudge.  It's okay because it's not the f-word. Fudge starts with "F", but it's not THE f-word, so it's ok.  Jeez mom."

Me, "Um, no, it's not okay to say that, ever.  I mean it, don't talk like that."

Child, "Jeez mom, I was just mad.  It's not a big deal."

This is what is says to me.  It's totally different with his dad.

"Dad, dad, do you remember that one time in the car when you said, What the F... and then you said the F-word.  Do you remember dad?  It was so bad."

Now, daddy is very calm in situations such as these.  While the rest of us were laughing, daddy went on to say, "I told you I was sorry.  I told you I was sorry that I said a bad word, and you should never talk like that.  Remember how we talked about it?"

And then I thought, wow, what a great example.  Daddy immediately apologized and said he was wrong to his child.  His child saw a daddy be completely human, make a mistake, and then apologize for the mistake. 

I think I need to take some lessons from daddy.

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