Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So, daddy went golfing (see previous post) and all of the sudden my ADD totally kicked into 4th gear.

Daddy doesn't travel for his work, so he's rarely gone.  It's really nice, because our family functions best with both parents around all the time. 

But when he is gone, I get really restless.  I feel like we should all be doing something fun.  Getting the kids ready for school by myself is not fun.  Taking them to Disneyland is fun. So I started checking airline tickets.  It was really expensive.  No Disney.

Then I thought, I should pull the carpet off the stairs.  I've been wanting to take the carpet off the stairs for awhile, so if I got it off then daddy could take care of the stairs when he gets home from his golf trip.

Daddy really doesn't like to come home from his golf trip and find that I've created a huge job for him. Once when he was golfing I painted the fireplace.  Only I couldn't reach the top so when he got home he had to finish the paint job.  Another time, when he was golfing, I took down all of the kitchen cupboard doors and emptied all the cabinets so when he got back we could repaint the kitchen.

The carpet on the stairs would not come off.  Not even a corner. 

Then I thought, we should get a mini-horse.  They are really cute and somebody in the neighborhood has one and walks it around.  The kids would love a mini-horse.  They live outside and make good pets. (I read all about it on the Internet)  Mini-horses are really expensive, just FYI, unless you find one on Craigslist, but those people want to trade their mini-horses for other livestock, of which I have none.

The mini-horse was looking like my best option for the weekend, until Daddy called and said "no way" to the mini-horse, leaving his children very sad. 

So, no stairs, no mini-horse, no trip to Disney. 
Instead, I organized the refrigerator, freezer, hall closet, garage, and bedroom.  And we saw the movie OZ. 

Next golf trip I'm looking into teacup piglets.


  1. Oh man, I was really hoping next time I came over I'd see a mini horse in your back yard! I've been looking at them on Craigslist too. Sooo cute :)

  2. I would have help tear the carpet off the stairs.