Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Homework and Zombie Strippers

We just came off a long weekend.  The kids had Friday off of school, so an extra day.  They even had half a day of school on Thursday, but half-school days just make me angry for a variety of reasons, mostly because what's the point of going to school for two hours.  It takes a ton of effort on my part to get my kids to school, so it had better be worth my time and two hours doesn't cut it.  This is a whole post on it's own...

Back to the long weekend, which was wonderful; beautiful weather, a birthday to celebrate, lots of family time.

Monday morning, everyone was up and dressed and eating breakfast and doing homework. 
What?! Homework?  Hello, didn't you finish your homework yesterday? 

Well, yes, you did finish some of it, but you kind of "forgot" about math, history, and science.

The kids are not happy.
Now Monday totally bites and it's only 7:45AM.

So, kids go off to school and I started thinking about a homework solution.  Actually, I only started thinking after I was done ranting and swearing about what a pain my kids and homework are in my life.

I got over myself pretty quick and started gathering up remotes to all of the televisions in our home.  I had remembered that when my kids weren't doing homework they were watching TV.  Like, all weekend. All weekend the TV's  were on.  And to be fair, it wasn't all just the kids, their daddy was watching football which just happens to be on 24/7 during the weekend.

My thought in taking the remotes is, if I have all the remotes (there are 10, seriously 10 and I don't think I found them all) then that will make them do their homework. So, in my mind, no TV=homework done. My thinking may be flawed.

Monday afternoon/evening was great.  The kids were feeling the pain from the morning/homework finishing/mom getting super mad.  They came home, did homework, ate dinner and were even nice to each other.

Tuesday, they came home, snacked up, went to dance, came home, ate dinner, and I thought they were doing homework.

Turns out, one of them found a remote, and was watching Zombie Strippers. 


He found it on OnDemand, and luckily it was free. I would have been super mad if he was watching Zombie Strippers and then I had to pay for the movie. And, just in case you are wondering, we do have parental controls on everything. EVERYTHING. So, I'm not sure how he even found the movie.

Now, I am back at square one, trying to solve the homework problem while monitoring the televisions, the remotes, and free movies. 

And, someone is running around dressed as a zombie and we are out of toilet paper.

PS- Hubby just read this and informed me that zombies don't actually use toilet paper and that I was thinking of mummies.  So, there you go.  My zombie used all the toilet paper in the house.  I guess if you're undead it doesn't matter what you are wearing.

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