Sunday, October 6, 2013

What I Learned From Outdoor School

This last week we sent our child with issues to Outdoor School (ODS).

It takes a lot of preparation to send a child with so many acronyms somewhere overnight.  ODS is two nights. Two whole days and nights.  That meant medications readied, paperwork filled out, and calls from the ODS nurse just to check in.

Now, we aren't the type of parents to never leave our children.  We leave them all the time.  In fact we went to Las Vegas while he was at ODS, but I digress.

Our children are used to staying at grandma and grandpa's while we are out of town.  But grandma and papa know this child and how to handle him.  He is also with his siblings and feels safe.

So, off he went, totally excited about this adventure.  He couldn't sleep the night before.  I know this, because he came into our room several times. He wouldn't say goodbye or even look at me.  Which is fine.  I think I may have gotten a little emotional if he had.

His teachers sent me messages throughout the day and evening.  "He's having a blast.  He's asking questions and participating in the field studies."  "He even ate his dinner.  He is loving this."  "He is helping with the tree planting!"

He came home. Grandma picked him up from school, made him shower, and take a nap.  He refused to talk with me when I called that evening, or the next morning, or the next evening.  That is actually a good sign.

Here is what I learned from this experience:

We've done a decent job raising this boy. After all of the long days and nights, doctor appointments, medicine trials, lots of tears and prayers, we are seeing the fruit of our labor of love.

We have fabulous parents!  They are always willing to stay with their grandchildren so we can get a break.  They love on the kids and endure the yelling and fighting.

We have the best teachers ever! They told me last spring that they were taking this kid to ODS.  They watched over him the entire time.  They kept me informed and worry free.

So, thank you grandma and papa and my fabulous teachers.  We couldn't get through this childhood without your support.

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