Monday, October 21, 2013

What Really Happened in Vegas

I have this new job as Social Media Director for our business. I gave myself the title. I also gave myself the job. And the pay is super good, not really, but I'm pretending it is.

Anyway, as Social Media Director I get to blog for the business. Eyewear can be very exciting.

My first post was about our trip to Vegas for a vision convention.  My second post was about what happened while we were in Vegas.  Hubby wasn't very happy with my story for the business, so I had to tone it down a bit. 

Here's what really happened.

I had booked us on an early flight home. Really early. It was cheaper.
We, being old, didn't go out the night before our flight, we went to bed.
Our car went out. (The car did not go out alone, I'm just not naming the driver.)

The morning of the flight, at 5:30AM we were all ready to go to the airport, but our car didn't come home the night before.  We were a little concerned until the car called and said it was running approximately 15 minutes late. 

No problem, we still had plenty of time, not to worry. Until the car called again and needed about 15 more minutes.  Then we decided to take a cab and the car would get itself to the airport.

Walking out to get a cab we ran into our car and minutes later we were all off to the airport.


Until, we tried to return the car and there was a huge line.  We still had to take a shuttle to the airport.

We decided to leave the car (and driver) and hop on the shuttle.  We were able to check in, get through security, and even grab coffee before boarding the plane.  The car (driver) made it too!


Everyone was relaxing, sleeping, or drinking coffee and enjoying our flight.
The ride to Portland was super quick and we were ready to get our bags and head home.

Until, hubby reached into his bag and couldn't find his car keys.

It went down like this:

Hubby, searching his bag-"I don't have the keys."
Me- "Aren't they in your bag?"
Hubby, now taking things out of his bag- "No, didn't you check the nightstand?"
Me- "You mean, the nightstand on your side of the bed?"
Hubby, completely exasperated- "But you always check!"
Me-"I always check the kids rooms..."

And then we both burst out laughing.  I mean, full on belly laughs. We were laughing so loud and so hard that everyone around us started staring.

So, hubby being super resourceful, put us on MAX and we rode all the way home.

Here's the point: I am so very blessed to have a husband that deals with life well, because you just never know what is going to happen in life, so it's best to keep laughing.

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