Monday, October 29, 2012

A Mother's Love

This morning I sent off my middle child to Outdoor School.  He was super excited.

 I received my first phone call at 6:00 PM.  His stomach was upset.  He was teary and anxious and we talked and he didn't really feel better, but went on to do the next activity. I received my second phone call at 8:30 from his teacher letting me know that he was on his night hike and doing well.

A mother's love and a little encouragement, was what he needed to make it through the next few hours into the night.  This boy does not like to be away from me.  He hates it when I go away for a weekend with daddy or the girls.  He hates being left behind.  He finds his security in me.

I am teaching him to find his security in Jesus.

I love this child so much.  So much I can hardly stand it sometimes. I want him to be secure in the love I have, to feel safe, guarded, and cared for.  Still, because of my human nature, my love is finite, conditional, wavering.

In Christ we are loved completely, wholly, infinitely.  We don't always accept the love that Christ has to offer, but He continues to offer us this never ending love.  He offers this love no matter what we do, how we act, how much we refuse Him or run away, His love is always there, available.

This is what I want to give my children.  Perfect love, all the time, no matter what.
But I can't.  I will fail miserably in this endeavor.  I can only point them towards their Heavenly Father and encourage them to have a relationship with the One who will always be their security, their safety, their perfect and complete love.  Which, is even better than a mother's love.

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