Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sleep, part 2

It's 1:54 AM and the child with all the letters is up.  Pretty sure it has to do with not getting his meds until really late, again.

I totally own this one.  I didn't give them to him after school because he had tutoring.  And then, when I usually give the meds to him, I was distracted by his brother who informed me that he felt sick to his stomach and could he please go home instead of dance. My priorities include no vomit in car. Drop off sick child at home, continue with dance carpool.

Meanwhile, in the back of the car, child, without meds is eating candy from tutoring.

Pick up and drop off all children involved in dance carpool.

Child without meds had found the snack bag for dancers and has eaten all the m&m's out of the trail mix.

Stop for gas and liquor store (this turned out to be a smart move) and make it home.

Back at home and still not remembering to dole out meds.  Medless child is happily playing Wii and will not respond to "time for dinner", "feed the dogs/cats", "come down here", or "get down here now!".

Dinner time and this is what I get; "I hate you", "Leave me alone", "Why won't anyone leave me alone?", "Mom, I told you we need more batteries",  "I wish I had my old mom back", and "I already told you, I am not hungry".  But then it hits me, finally, this kid needs his meds!
About 5 hours late but he does finally get them.

Now, 2:00AM, he is still up.  He hasn't fallen asleep yet.  He has been in the garage searching for the Halloween candy and left the door open so the downstairs is freezing.  He has drank at least one diet coke and spilled most of it on the kitchen floor.  I have taken away 3 movies and 5 video games along with the DVD player and Nintendo DS.  As I have been writing for 20 minutes I have put him back to bed 5 times. Now he is playing with tape.

Super great.
Can't wait for morning, and school, and sleep.

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