Thursday, October 4, 2012


I live a very blessed life.  I know that my life is good, all that I have has come from above.  My husband and I strive to make sure that our children realize that their lives are also very blessed; that they have more than most and to be thankful for all that God has provided in their lives.

This is difficult in so many ways, but mostly because they are 10, 11, and 12.  These "tween" years really stink, but today I saw a glimmer of hope.

Today, my daughter, the 12 year old, lost her phone.  Of course she has a phone.  All 12 year olds have a phone.  If your 12 year old doesn't have their own phone then you are the worst parent on the planet, the worst.   

Sorry, I've heard that a lot.

But today, the 12 year old lost the phone.  She didn't realize at the time she had lost it, but when she was needing her phone she couldn't find it.  Being the great mom that I am, I called her number and waited for it to ring.  The phone was lost in the car, so really it should have turned up pretty quickly. 

Then I get a "Hello?". 
"Hello"  I respond.  Who is this? 

Turns out, that while we were picking up for carpool the phone actually fell out of the car and into the street.  Someone had seen the purple phone and picked it up.  Someone who is my 12 year old's friend.  This friend had scrolled through the contact list and realized who's phone she had found and had been trying to call me, the mother.

Whew!  (although, this is a prime example why a 12 year old shouldn't have a phone)

Tonight at bedtime, my very relieved and grateful daughter, was talking to me (yes me, her mother, she was talking to me) about how happy she was that her friend found her phone.  She said, "mom, I feel really blessed.  I mean, it was totally God who did that.  My phone could have been run over, or someone could have just taken it, but can you believe it was my friend who found my phone.  I'm just so thankful and blessed."

She said it twice.  She is blessed.  I am so thankful!

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