Friday, October 19, 2012


My facebook post a few days ago was about the antics of my son while the rest of us were sleeping. 

It was something like this; beautiful Sunday morning except for the child who hasn't slept and tried to do laundry, watched a few movies, had a few too many caffeinated drinks, and attempted to put lotion on his sister's feet.

That's the thing about children, after you have them you don't get to sleep anymore.  And by sleep, I mean deep, REM sleep, all night, for more than 3-4 hours, without being woken up by a child who is crying out for mom, or trying to crawl into your bed.  You know, that slumber that brings dreams, really good dreams, and when you wake up you are happy.  Happy, because you are no longer tired.

My oldest is 13, so I haven't slept through the night for 13 years.  Seriously.

Here is what happened:

When you have a child with acronyms like we do, that child might also get medications, like ours does.  Sometimes, we forget to give him said meds in the morning and that totally screws up his day.  Also, we were having a garage sale that Saturday and forgot to give him his afternoon meds and he kept getting into the Diet Coke when we weren't looking.  So, really, it was our fault.  Ours meaning daddy, because daddy wasn't really helping with the garage sale so he should have been more on top of that.

Anyways, kids went to bed way too late as usual on a Saturday.  Except the one kept getting up.  And daddy kept putting him back to bed.  I think this happened about three times before it was quiet downstairs and we fell asleep. 

By asleep, I mean, I kept waking up, and daddy kept waking up because we could hear things happening downstairs.  Things like doors opening and closing, wrappers being torn off of food, drinks being opened.

Next morning: wet clothes on the laundry room floor, movies strewn over the upstairs and bedrooms, empty Diet Coke cans, and a very upset sister.

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