Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adoption Rules

My children are adopted.  All of them.  Even the ones who look just like me or daddy.

Here are some questions/statements you may not ask me.  Ever.

But, if you do, I've included my standard answers.  They are mostly snarky, because adoption is personal and none of your business.

1. Are you babysitting?
Um, no.  Why would you think that?

2. Are you doing foster care?
(This often follows question 1), Again, no. Stop asking me stupid questions.

3. Are they all yours?
Yes, all of them.

4. Wow, you must be busy.
Yes, we are busy. Every mom is busy.

5. You saved them from a horrible life.
I did?  Do you know their birthparents?  I had no idea.  Could you please tell me more about their birth situation.  No?  Then stop talking.

6. Where are they from?
Why do you ask?  or  Where are you from? or  Are you planning a trip?

7. Are they siblings?
Yes, I am their mother.

8. No, I mean, are they biological siblings.
Again, I am their mother.  or What does biology have to do with family?

9. You are so amazing to do this.
Really, thank you so much!  I'm just a mom, but I'm so happy that you recognize my worth.

10. So, you couldn't have your own?  (a personal favorite)
I did have my own, here they are. or
We tried really hard to not have our own, maybe you should have tried harder.

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  1. Yeah, for #9 I think you need to reply, "I know, right? I'm totally amazing, all of the time and in every way. Want me to mentor you?" (I think you'll find the appropriate amount of snark in there.)